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How can I find replacement cartridges for a gas lampe GT?

I have a vintage gas lampe GT using a GT 106 (CTC SP 324) Propane/Butane cartridge.  This little lamp also has a filament that you tie to the metal gas post inside the lamp.   Are there replacement cartridges and cloth filament replacements still available. It has been sitting around for years, decades maybe and could be used now while RV camping or on our patio at night.

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@Mushdoggie thanks for reaching out to the co-op community for ideas on this one! We have moved your post to the Camping board in the hopes that you'll hear from community members in addition to REI employees - we have some amazingly experienced outdoors-folks in our community who may have suggestions! Also, it might help folks visualize what you're trying to replace if you uploaded an image or two of the lamp here in the community!

@OldGuyot @Philreedshikes @hikermor @Bonfire @Hikes_in_Rain @Wanderer @Lightning_Girl @ghsmith76 @bryndsharp - curious what advice y'all might have!

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@Mushdoggie A quick search indicates that a Camping GAZ International Lampe GT butane gas lantern takes a Campingaz Type GT Blue Cartridge.  Looks like you can get Campingaz Cartridges of some sort on Amazon if you search for Campingaz.  Obviously I have no way to know for sure if it will work.


That one stumped me for sure!

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@Mushdoggie Is this what we’re talking about


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Oh wow! Thank you very much for the info!