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Gear Repair

Hi Folks - I would be interested in knowing if anyone has any tips to finding leaks in air core sleeping pads.  I now have two that are virtually unusable.

I know the standard procedure is to immerse in soapy water and look for the bubbles.  I have had difficulty determine where the hole(s) / leaks are.

Any other tricks of the trade out there? Any repair services for these mats anyone can recommend?

Thanks in advance!

2 Replies

Skip the soap and just fill up your bathtub, then immerse the sleeping pad. You'll be able to see the source of the leak a lot better without all those soap bubbles obscuring your view. Soapy water is good for checking for valve leaks and the like, but is not needed for inner tubes and similar inflatable products. 


I'd also take a look at the pad warranties. If it's leaking due to manufacturer defect they should cover it depending on how old the pad is.

I made a handy table and warranty details for several sleeping pad brands if that might help you: