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Footprint for Nemo Dragonfly 3 tent

Wondering what the best footprint is to buy for the Nemo Dragonfly 3 tent, which doesn't come with one.  Thanks

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Personally, I would buy the one that's manufactured for the tent specifically.  I know there may be some universals out there, but for the perfect fit I would shoot for the link above.  Also...I have yet to buy a tent that had the footprint included.  I spent about the same amount for mine as the one posted above.  I'm a huge proponent of getting a footprint for each of my tents.  I hope this helps. 

Keep Calm and Paddle On

Thank you

Footprints get torn up.  That's one of their jobs, get torn up so the bottom of your tent doesn't.  We have opted to buy plastic sheeting, usually drop cloths, from someplace like Home Depot and cut our own.  You can get it in different thicknesses.  Just stay away form the 0.7 mil.  Its the lightest but once damp, nearly impossible to fold and unfold.  We set up our tent on top of the uncut sheet, draw a line around the outside of the tent and then cut about an inch to the inside of that line so the ground cloth/footprint doesn't show and scoop water is raining when the tent is in use.  The other nice part about this option is that it only costs a few dollars.  The big downside is its plastic, ugh.