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Favorite Tent - Past or Present

I'd love to hear what your favorite tents are now or ones you've had in the past?

For me....I'll always love my North Face Tadpole 23.  This thing was awesome and wicked dry.  It went with me all over Europe and I spent 3 months straight in this thing while in Wales.  Alas, a storm finally destroyed it and I moved on.  

I've been using the REI Quarter Dome T2 since about 2012?  It is now at end of life and I'm looking forward to my next tent purchase 

As soon as it hits the REI distribution center, I'll be picking up the new Sea to Summit Telos and am super stoked about it.  I can't wait to share my adventures with you all this summer.  

Keep Calm and Paddle On
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Hmmm.  Looked bold as I typed.😁

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Pulled the trigger.  I'm excited to put it to the test and give you all my trip report 

Keep Calm and Paddle On

This is so exciting to see @KayakTony! Thanks for sharing.

I'm glad that the (close) timing worked out for you. Now you'll just have to give us a full report after your June trip!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@REI-CarterC Thank you for all your help and support.  It will be the first "guys" trip since my daughter was born, so we're very excited.  It also gave me the perfect excuse to upgrade a lot of my aging equipment.  

Keep Calm and Paddle On


Big Agnes Scout UL 2

1.9 Oz, trekking pole tent. Very light, decent size for a 2 person. It will house 2 comfortably with enough room at the foot for a pack, provided you're not really tall (I'm 5'8" and my hiking partner is 5'11"). It's really easy to set up and tear down. I've had it for 4 seasons and it's no worse for wear. I've heard stories of $500 crazy light tents that just don't last. Mine is in perfect condition, even after dozens of overnights and several 4-7 day excursions. 

Sorry, weight is 1# 9oz (25 oz)


I've had a few favs over the years. My Mountainsmith Morrison wins for longest lived and most days spent in it. 11+ years and it is still kicking. But its heavy for backpacking now that we are old. So our LL Bean Microlight 2 UL is our 2+ years of service favorite. Its decently sized for 2 + gear. And 3lbs instead of 5+ for the Morrison. The LL Bean has seen hail, rain, snow, wind... without issue. So I'm hoping for many more years of life from it. But also realize it's very delicate materials, so I doubt it will see 11 years like the Morrison.


Tarp Tent Double Rainbow. It has proven its worth on long backpacking trips, hot nights, and unexpected snow or rain storms - this tent has never met me down. Lightweight, easy to set up, and ready for any conditions that come our way. 


The Big Agnes Copper Spur 2 Platinum did well on my 270 mile JMT hike last year. It’s just over 2 lbs and free standing. I just recently purchased the ZPacks Duo and will see how that performs on the JMT this year. 


Before you buy ANY tent ANYwhere in the usa at least, you gotta read this:

99% of tents sold in the usa are a major concern.

Lots of good designs out there, I went with TentLab only because their designs are great, and they do NOT treat their tents.