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Eureka Ignite Plus vs. Everest Camp Chef stove

I'm debating between these two stoves: ease of use, adjustability of flame between boil and simmer, sturdiness, igniter reliability, sturdiness of grate for heavier pots (like a pressure cooker), the loud sound some complain of with the Ignite Plus, quality of the case, burn time? 

I'm looking at a range between dispersed camping on BLM to developed campgrounds. 

Any input before I use my 20% off for one of them? 

Thank you!

2 Replies

Hi @NiaB - Thanks for reaching out! 

Hopefully the community will weigh in with their recommendations. @joshmblott and @szaima, you all have both mentioned these stoves. Do you have any feedback to share?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Sorry for the late reply. I have used my eureka 2 burner stove for over a year and no complaints. Efficient easy to clean and dropped it a hand full of times and it’s still cooking. The wind screens are a must have and for the price it’s solid and will last. 

it does have the usual burner noise, but the grates are very sturdy and removable for easy cleaning(comes in handy with bacon and burgers).

Boil time isn’t bad at all. I did a couple times boil a 32oz stainless bottle for coffee the night prior and it did take a solid 10 minutes or so. Also it’s always quick meals for me when I’m out camping so never really paid attention to simmer and such(just cranked it to get water boiling or medium for burgers and chicken)