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Egg Containers for Camping

My husband and I love to have eggs for breakfast when we are camping.  However, we purchased a plastic egg container that must take only "small" graded eggs because "large" graded eggs do not fit in this container.  

Does anyone have a good method to ensure eggs don't get broken when travelling in a vehicle on really rocky roads?

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We always pre-cracked the eggs into a watertight container and put them in the cooler when car camping. As long as the container doesn't slosh around too much, the eggs stay relatively intact. I had the same problem with those plastic egg holders...they're just too small for the big eggs I prefer. 


I agree with @Sweet-Tater-- the pre-cracked egg solution is a fantastic one! Plus, you won't have to deal with packing out the eggshells this way! However, if you prefer your eggs cracked fresh the morning of, they do sell larger plastic egg containers at most stores that have a home/kitchen organization section. Unfortunately, they probably won't be as lightweight as the camping style egg holders and might take up a bit more space since they are likely larger than your standard egg carton.

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Have you tried Ova Easy? They're freeze dried eggs and they're (surprisingly) good.

You rehydrate them (the package gives you the formula of powder to water), then cook 'em up with the additives of your choice.