easiest tent to set up

Hi, I am looking to do more camping when I do some overnight runs and wondering some of the easiest tents to set up alone and some of the best gear to use? 

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For car camping, I picked up a Gazelle T3.  It can comfortably accommodate two people and two smaller dogs.  It's rather large when stowed (extends door-to-door on the floor in the back seat), but sets up in seconds.


I personally love my MSR Hubba Hubba. Few years old now they might call it something else, but it is light, has only one pole and works great for one or two. I like hammocks too but that depends on your region.


I have fallen in love with my REI Quarter Dome One. I have owned and used many tents over the past forty years, but this is my first one-person tent. I originally bought it to use on a weeklong cycling trip. With the rainfly on, it kept me dry through several wet nights including a constant downpour. I have since also used my Quarter Dome One on backpacking trips and for car camping. I simply love it.

The Quarter Dome One is light, compact, and very easy to set up. It has not only kept me dry on rainy nights but also ventilates well, especially when I do not need the fly. I can sit up in it and while there really isn't enough room for another person or large dog, there is plenty of room inside the tent for essential gear, and plenty of room under the fly's vestibule for my pack and boots.

One warning. Stake this tent down or hold onto it while setting it up in any wind because it is so light even a gentle breeze can blow it away.

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I have a tent with this pole configuration and shape (one pole that does pretty much everything, and a second that's just a crossbeam on top). I find it the easiest style to set up, and you really only need two stakes to make a sound set-up. I can set it up by myself in about 2 minutes. It's also generally a lighter style since you don't have multiple big poles. If I were you, I would look for a similar one (not necessarily this tent, I have a 10 year old REI tent that's the same style).