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Earliest Camping Experience Photos

My first camping experience started me on a lifetime of adventures and love for the outdoors.  Share your earliest camping photo…  Bonus points if you can let me know what tent this might have been.  

Big Sky, MT Area?Big Sky, MT Area?

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Very nice! It is a ‘very dark tent’ lol

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Agreed 100% dark tent - lol.  Pretty sure it was canvas.  Perhaps someone will recognize the tent pole bends.  I’m guessing it was Sears or something along those lines.  1968/9ish

“Take care of the earth”

@Walker - What a fun post! Thanks for sharing that amazing photo. I did some searching for what that tent might have been, but have not come up with anything yet!

spring95 - fall95 - 43_Original.jpg 

This is the earliest camping photo I can find in my files, from a camping trip near Huntington, West Virginia. While I'm bummed there is no exciting gear shown, the memories from living in the Appalachians as a kid are strong. We didn't do much camping growing up, but did spend tons of time out fishing and exploring old structures and that definitely influenced my life-long love of the outdoors! 

Hopefully some other folks from the community will share their photos too! It'd be fun to see the similarities and differences. 

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Wow - thanks so much for searching!!  So I think I have something pretty close.  Looks like it might have been a JC Higgins Umbrella Tent (for Sears?) from the 1950’s.  6C8A64D5-9BC4-49F9-AAA5-2D6A599AA7CD.jpeg

“Take care of the earth”