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Does REI carry American-made products?

Is it true you are going to start selling western mountaineering sleeping bags?  I wish you sold a lot more items that were made in the US.  And please tell Patagonia to start making their stuff here! 


Thank you


Dag Riseng

Red Wing, MN 

2 Replies

I hope that REI will continue to sell quality products, irrespective of origin.

Come to think of it, the one and only product I returned to REI was made in the USA and it was hopeless trash, poorly thought out and badly executed.  The item has since been withdrawn from the shelves of REI.

We live in an globalist economy and I am happy to support the foreign worker so that they can buy a ticket to a made in the USA movie, etc.  A rising tide lifts all boats.

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@dagzil one of the reasons we are excited about this community is our ability to hear directly from our customers about things that are important to them, so thank you for sharing this feedback. In case you weren't aware, as you browse, you can search by the term "made in USA" to curate the products you are viewing - you can see a current selection here. Hope that helps a bit!

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