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Dissatisfied with lack of replacement parts for 2018 REI Kindom 8 Rain Fly

So my tent has a tear in the rain fly that is over 2ft long. I called in and was shocked to find out there is no venue to buy replacement parts for this tent. 

For a tent that cost me $650 I am completely floored there are no replacement parts available. I suppose REI designed the tent to be disposable as the agents I spoke to said I should BUY A WHOLE TENT AT A GARAGE SALE to replace the rain fly. That's absolutely unacceptable. 

I was also directed to tape the hole, or contact Rainy Pass, a company that specializes in repairs out of Washington, but no, that's also prohibitively expensive. 

I expect when I pay the better part of $1000 for a tent that there be replacement parts available to purchase, as there would be if I had purchased a tent through other sporting good stores. This lack of product service is staggering and makes me wonder why I should continue to shop at REI moving forward. 


0/10 Extremely dissatisfied would not recommend purchasing

2 Replies

I understand your pain.  I have an '18 Kingdom tent also.  If I might recommend a repair option, look into getting some "Tenacious Tape".  Pretty good repair tape, designed for camping gear & lasts a long time.  I'd tape both sides.  Best of luck!

I will sew a rip stop patch and seam seal before I give REI my business.

The very idea that it's okay to sell products and adcertise that you stand by them, then tell your customers to just buy a new tent assembly when they need a part that is known to wear out.


That's why I don't buy apple products and that's why I will no longer purchase anything that could conceivably ever need a replacement part from REI. 

I appreciate the reply but I'm still very ticked off about this.   

Me: "Hi REI support? I need to repair my tent fly for my ludicrously expensive tent" 

REI: "Have you tried buying tape from us? Just, tape it -" *smacks tent flap* "Good as new!" "No?" "Well have you tried buying a new tent for the rain fly and discarding the rest of the assembly?" 

That'd be like buying a new car to get a set of windshield wipers, swapping the windshield wipers onto your used car and then just having a car that can't drive in the rain sitting in your driveway taking up space. Can't resell it because it can't drive in the rain. It's worthless.


What REI clearly wants us to do is to throw it away when it breaks and buy a new one.