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Re: Cpap

I have been using a Cpap for about 2 years for sleep apnea.  I have not fully figured out how to use it while camping and backpacking.  Our state park campgrounds has electricity, so I'm good there.  National parks mostly do not.  And backpacking also.  I have a 12v DC converter with no heat option, off of a Goal Zero 100 lithium ion battery.  It is good for 2 nights.  Have not figured out the recharging for longer use.  Solar or car charging if available?  I did a 5 night backpacking trip on Isle Royale last summer and did not take it.  I did a good job of keeping the wolves away with my snoring.  Anyone have a solution to the Cpap dilemma?

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@Twobuck The MAXOAK cpap battery charger is a great unit and really nice looking, easy to use. If you don't use a humidifier, it should last 3-4 days. Check it out. It may be too heavy to use for backpacking though.


Thanks for the idea @PathJourneys! As the other person in the tent, while he was keeping the wolves away, I am sure open to trying any solution and carrying the weight 😁

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