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Coleman Stove - fuel funnel question

I have an old Coleman stove and I want a fuel funnel for it. Where do I buy this accessory for a camping stove? Should it a fuel funnel for a Coleman stove be metal? Someone gave it to me and I have never used it. 

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Fuel funnels for liquid gas stoves simply make it easier to pour gas into the stove.  Way back in the day, Coleman fuel funnels were made from aluminum and not filtered.  Now they are plastic with fiber filters and overflow relief tubes.  They all work.  The new models do keep large particles out of the gas.  If you have a clean fuel bottle, then the filter is largely not necessary.  Although I have a number of Coleman duel fuel stoves, I use canned gas - available at REI - for all my liquid fuel stoves (Svea 123 and Optimus style).  Whether I am pouring from a Sigg fuel bottle or a Coleman gas can, I make sure the top of the can is clean.  A funnel really helps to limit fuel spills - but I have poured fuel into stoves without a funnel. Just be careful, fuel the stove away from where you will use it and any open flames, and let any spilled gas evaporate before you use the stove.  Jay F.

Thepreceding post is right on and absolutely correct.  I would only add that converter units are available to run Colemans on propane one pound bottles.  I have switched to that fuel because it is just a tad saferand ever so much more convenient.  I can easily switch to gas if that is necessary....

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Where do you buy the converter?


I believe any outlet that carries Coleman appliances will have them...They are not exotic.

JayBrooktrout is correct.  At cold temps, gasoline rules.  We used kerosene on Denali - in much lighter stoves than Coleman and it was dependable and hot!

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

Converter kits are great for folks that wish to convert to propane.  Liquid fuel can be safe - you do have to fiddle with it more and make sure that any spilled fuel evaporates away.  I've done a lot of winter camping at high altitudes in the Rockies and I've had a fair number of gas canisters condense into liquid and not work.  I like to fiddle with gas stoves because the work and work reliably on my adventures.


I'm late to the party.  I noticed that folks gave you lots of thoughts but no one bothered to answer the original question which was where to buy a funnel.  Any non-sparking funnel (IE: not steel!) will work but an internet search for "Coleman fuel funnel" will show you some of the Coleman filter funnels.  If you have a two or three burner stove then for storage the funnel can be left right inside next to the tank after the stove body cools.

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