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Cleaning Wipes for Camping Gear?

Hey there! I recently went to an event at a mostly-abandoned military facility (it was sanctioned, no trespassing!) and needless to say I'm worried about asbestos and other common chemicals found on bases (I'm probably going to get mesothelioma from my past life) and was wondering if there's a brand of wipes out there that's good for cleaning camping equipment and is good at removing lead/asbestos/other chemical particulate as well as just simple dust.

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I don't have a direct answerto your questions, but this may get you started


If you are concerned aout camping gear found on a military base, i would have to wonder if the money saved is worth the risk.  Some military surplus works quite well, but a fair amount is heavy and unsuited for most civilian activities.  I am a veteran and I ought to know!!

I doubt that there is any magic eraser that will rid gear of asbestos fibers...not certain about lead issues, but I wouldn't bet on it.....


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You may find wipes to address lead at a good gun store. Or, try Cabelas. 

Such wipes exist and should be used after handling any ammunition.

Wash it. Or not. It isnt like you were forced to live in ships where asbestos was loose and falling off for years as you were blowing it back on in the hold. As long as its sealed, its good to go. If it isnt sealed, and you leave it alone, you are good to go. The amount you would get on your pack isnt even going to cause a problem in Cali lab rats who seen to succumb to all ailments.

Soap and water take off lead dust. Again, if you ate a sandwich, you will be OK.