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Car Camping Mattresses-comparison question

Hi all,

I'm hoping to start taking my son out camping this summer, but I need to upgrade my sleeping situation before then. The last time I camped was a few years ago and shared a classic air mattress with my wife (both slouchy and bouncy somehow) and before that my camping was done on a old 1.5" inflatable therm-rest on top of a yoga mat. I really want to do more camping especially with my son, but my body needs more comfort now.

I'm trying to decide between the following mattresses:

  • Thermo-rest MondoKing
  • Exped Megamat
  • REI Camp Dreamer
  • Sea to Summit Comfort Deluxe SI

The pad would be used for car camping a few times each summer. I've read all the reviews different places but I'm hoping people can provide some comparisons from personal experience. Anyone tried more than one of these?


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Hi @friendlyFool008!

I have used both the Exped Megamat, and the REI Camp Dreamer Double. The former I used while staying at a friend's house for a couple of days, and the latter I used on a three day car camping trip. I found both of them to be comfortable, but the Exped was perhaps a touch too soft for my sleeping preferences. I enjoyed the experience on the Camp Dreamer in part because my husband was also using the pad which made my side feel more firm, but my husband would have preferred that we used two single pads rather than one double, as he was irritated by my motion at night (whoops!)

It's well to note that the Exped and the Camp Dreamer compress into a pretty large roll--nearly a foot in diameter. Though I enjoyed my experience on both these mats, I prefer a backpacking pad designed for side sleepers to meet my storage needs. 

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for you’re input!