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Can you recommend an alternative for the TNF Stormbreak 1 tent footprint?

So I've got a lovely North Face stormbreak 1 person tent that I have so far kept in perfect condition by laying down a blue tarp as a footprint. Now I'm trying to find the brand name footprint for this tent and can't seem to find it on REI. Is there a good alternative that I can use and finally leave that heavy blue tarp at home?

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I recommend saving a few pesos by using a piece of tyvek or painters drop plastic, cut to size.  Even a heavy duty trash bag cut down the sides and trimmed to length works great, and is much more light weight than a 'store bought' version.

good luck!

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Hi there @HikyMikey !

Thanks for reaching out to us here in the Community! We would love to help you find a solution! 

Unfortunately, you are correct, we no longer offer this tent or the footprint it pairs with. It doesn’t appear that The North Face carries this anymore either. That said, I was able to find the item at a different online retailer.

The dimensions of your tent appear to be 87”x34”...this information can be useful if you decide to go with a different footprint with similar dimensions like this one.

It sounds like you’ve done a great job so far with your tarp but I can appreciate wanting to lighten your load. Contrary to other advice you have received, we don't recommend using trash bags - they simply aren't very durable enough to protect the base of your tent against sharp objects and can easily rip, making them a less-than-ideal long-term solution.

Thanks again for reaching out to the Community and we hope this dialogue can help you make a decision going forward!

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