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Can I use my old tent poles with a new tent?


Is it possible to use the poles of my old (2011) kelty Gunnison  3.1 tent. So that I will buy a new compatible tent and use my old poles.          

2 Replies

Generally you cannot buy tents as components so any new tent you buy will come with the poles it needs. 

Tent design evolves over time so it is unlikely that you will find a new tent that uses exactly the same pole structure.

Even if you got lucky and found a new tent that the poles you have work with, at best they would be spares. 

Also if they are fiberglass, such poles tend to age out and become prone to breaking so they may not be worth the effort to preserve.


I totally agree with @OldGuyot .  Unless you buy the exact same tent and the the new version is the spitting image (except maybe in color or fabric) of the old version, it is unlikely the poles will fit.

The only caveat I'd make to that is in the case of you breaking a pole in the new tent.  In that case it might be possible for you to make a pole section for the new tent out of an old section with a little finagling.

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