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Can anyone tell me if Yeti Ice is better than other ice options?

1) Is Yeti Ice better than generic blue plastic ice?


2) I see that it is sold in 1, 2 and 4 pound blocks. What is recommended for a Tundra 35?


Thanks for your help.



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Hi @jmergen 

Great questions here. YETI Ice is notable for a few different reasons. Its greatest benefit is the fact that it freezes at 29 degrees F instead of 32 like water, meaning any supplemental ice you use will stay frozen solid longer. Essentially, this results in the cooler staying colder longer with less melting. It is also shaped to maximize its surface area, allowing it to freeze faster, and uses a liquid that is non-toxic.

As far as what is recommended, YETI recommends lining the bottom of a Tundra 35 with a 4lb and 1 lb block. You can always use more, but that is the base recommendation. You can also play around with their Ice Configurator tool to see what works. I hope this helps!

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