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Camping in White Mountains... BEARS??

Hello Campers!  I'm camping in the White Mountains (near Mt. Washington) next week and am pretty excited.  Most of my camping experience has been at private, busy-type campgrounds.  While I'm looking forward to a smaller, more "rugged" campsite, I'm also worrying about bears at camp.  Like, waking up at 3:00 am, thinking "BEARS!!!" type worried. 

We'll keep our cooler, packs, and cooking supplies in the trunk of the car - is there anything else I can do that will help discourage bears?  Do I need to re-wash my bedding with a scentless detergent?  Should we rethink the shrimp boil foil packs?  Will a camp toilet (Cleanwaste Go Anywhere) attract bears?  Should we put out a jar of ammonia to dissuade them?  Am I being paranoid?

Any advice, or reality check, would be much appreciated!   

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@Porkchop Thanks for reaching out!

First off: love your username and some of the photos you posted!

Secondly: you're likely to get some good advice from other members of the community here but to start you off I wanted to point you in the direction of a couple of threads we've had recently about bears. Please check out:

Your best bet would likely be to reach out to the land agency or ranger service that is in charge of the area you will be in and ask them what their advice is. They will be most knowledgeable about the bears in the area and what precautions to take. 

Hopefully this helps!

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Thank you John!  Porkchop was my dog; he was a great hiking/kayaking/camping companion and definitely would have helped with my bear anxiety.  🙂

I'll check out those other threads and will be reaching out to the rangers.  Thanks for the tips! 

Hi @Porkchop !  I highly recommend calling one of the AMC lodges, like Joe Dodge Lodge at the base of the Tuckerman's Ravine approach to Mt Washington for the latest critter updates, or the forest service office, and speak to them directly, I always find I get the best and latest information, straight from the horses mouth.

good luck

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Hi Phil,

I hadn't thought of contacting the AMC, that's a great idea - thank you!