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Camping gear - slippery mattress pads

Looking for some advice - I have a Thermarest pad that works perfectly, even after 38 years! However, it has a very smooth surface and on the slightest incline in my tent, I'm fighting the slide all night.

I'm thinking to put some silicone patches or lines across both sides, not too much so the weight doesn't make a difference. So the question is, what would be best to use (in anyone's experience) that won't damage my Thermarest, tent bottom, or sleeping bag?

Thanks ahead of time.

4 Replies

Just a thought off the top of my head, maybe take a little 100% silicone caulk and smear it thin over the middle on the bottom side in a few places? I say the middle because that's where most of your weight is. As for your sleeping bag sliding on the pad, maybe on the top too. I've had that problem a few times myself.

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I bet that dimensional puffy fabric paint would do the job. People use it all the time to make socks non-slip. You can buy the Tulip brand at any craft or fabric store, Walmart, and Amazon. It shouldn’t add much to the weight or pack size. I would just make a squiggly line across the pad every 6-8 inches and see how that works. 

Simple and easy solution.  Go to the store and buy those rubber stickers you put in the bathtub to keep from slipping. They are waterproof, and flexible. Put some on both sides of the thermarest. It will keep the pad from slipping around the floor of the tent, and keep the bag from sliding off the pad.  
Also grats on the longevity of the pad.. had my thermarest basecamp model for about 32 years as well. 

I have never been able to stay on a pad or air mattress so I switched to a sleeping bag that has a pocket system to lock the mattress in.  Big Agnes has some but I just love my Nemo Jazz (may be discontinued but you can sometimes find them in REI Used Gear) and have both an Exped Megamat and a REI Camp Dreamer.  I also have an REI sleep system.  Any of these combinations make sleeping more comfortable and keep me from sleeping on the ground with my mattress spit out of the lean to.  You could try to make your own sleeve or straps to attach it to your bag as well.