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Camping at home? Show us your pics!

We're hearing lots of stories of how folks are blending the lines of indoors/outdoors, specifically by bringing their campsites indoors or finding ways to camp outside at home! We'd love to see and hear about how you've done this, maybe by yourself, maybe with a roommate, maybe with your kids.

Show us those pictures of your "at-home campsites!"

And find some tips here on how to turn your living space into a campsite!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.
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My daughters first night in a tent (outside our basement doors). My kids at 4 and 6. We have a little creek behind the house so they leaned “up river, down river, current, and erosion.”

Definitely going to upgrade my tent. The North Face in the pic is a 2 man I bought 15 years ago LONG BEFORE I had a family. Three of us sleeping in there was a extremely uncomfortable and I barely slept but loved every second of it!

Time for a family upgrade! 

Im enjoying the time with family...


@smithandrew209 thanks for sharing this example of how y'all are "making it work" during this unusual time! What a great opportunity to teach your kids lots of things just by observing the small section of world that's right around you!

Please let us know if we can answer any questions or make any recommendations for a slightly bigger tent that will more comfortably fit your family - I personally have the REI Kingdom 4 (wish I'd bought the 6) and love that we can stand up fully, have room to sleep on cots if we want, and leave our wet/muddy shoes in the exterior vestibule!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Tried camping on my rooftop deck last week and it didn't work very well since I can't stake down the corners of the tent. (Nemo Dragonfly)

I've seen pics on the REI instagram of people doing the same and camping indoors - who seem to have figured out the problem I ran into. I asked on the IG post, and they suggested I try searching here. 


Any help would be great


@grantjd3 Thanks for reaching out!

Any time you're trying to pitch a tent and you don't have soil to drive stakes into, it can be tricky to get your tent fly and body to the correct tension. The good news is there are some tricks that you can use to help:

  • The first is simply to find something heavy to place on top of the line that you would hook to the stake. This could be a rock, bag of sand, gallon of water, etc. You're likely looking for something in the 5-10 pound range, more if you're expecting wind.
  • The second is to get some extra line to extend the length of the line you want to stake out, in order to make it reach something that is solid (like a tree, or the post of your deck, as an example). 
  • Sometimes you can combine these two techniques and run the line at an extended length, but weigh it down at the 'normal' staking point with a weight.

For your tent you're likely going to need at least 4 weights for the fly, more if you want to use them for the body of the tent as well.

Hope this helps, happy camping!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@grantjd3 You can try placing the number of small planter pots filled with concrete & put screw rings in the concrete to tie your guide lines to, or take milk jugs full of water & tie your lines to the handles. If you’re having problems with the inside corners, you can always place heavy books, or bags of sugar or other small weighted items in each corner to help hold it down flat... Hope this helps so you can enjoy your rooftop camping! 


My kids are college-age so camping in the backyard isn't "a thing" for them. 😃

But given that all national, state (NJ) and county parks, forest and woods are now closed, I am considering ways to keep my nemophila from dying.  I live in a townhouse community with open backyards so more concerned with the impact to/from neighbours.

Long before social distancing and stay at home rules took effect in the US, around mid-February, I surprised my husband with an indoor camping night in our family room.  Beginning this year we found ourselves working completely opposite schedules with him working nights Thursday-Sunday and me working days Monday-Friday, we only had a few hours of common time off, after a long day in the office for me.  As it was, I was already WFH 1/day per week so one random February Monday I set up the family room as our indoor campground just to break up the monotony of winter.  

@mbjbride06 great creativity! Thanks for sharing the pics!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.


Backyard campsite. I built a tent platform and it will also double as a stage for outdoor concerts or plays. I must admit not everybody has 10 acres of land. But this project is so cool. Electric fire place, cots, table, perfect place camping and gets you off the ground.