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Camp stove fuel

Hello, Last summer I bought a Kovea Cube stove, but I can no longer find the fuel canisters for it. The Kovea fuel was a butane/propane mix. Do you carry any canisters that work with this stove? If not, do you know if I can use an 8 oz can of butane only? Not sure the canister connects with the stove correctly. Thanks for any info you can provide. It's a great little stove. 🙂

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Hmmm, I've never seen a butane/propane mix in the long skinny canister, but I found a picture of one, so apparently they do make them. The description of the stoves I found said they were "butane stoves".  The butane should work fine as long as it fits properly, however you'll have issues at low temps because the gas won't boil off from the liquid. The boiling point of butane is around 30 degrees F.

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@SILHikerI bought a 12 pack of the cans on amazon, butane only, when I was looking to cut the costs of constantly buying new cans.

And you're very correct about cold weather issues.

Under normal temps (not extreme cold), I don't really notice any performance issues. Maybe I'm not paying close enough attention.

However, in temps of 20's and below, I really have to warm up the can to get the fuel going.  Even after it's been warmed up and is cooking, it'll start to cool off again and start to sputter.

At times I've actually removed the pot and poured (just a wee bit and gently) the warming water directly onto the canister with the fuel burning, this actually worked great, watch the flame come alive (but I don't want to blow myself up either!)

I also use a home-made wind screen made from aluminum foil for my burner stove, it normally traps air around the canister/stove and can abnormally heat up the canister and stove, so I have to be super careful using's wide enough to leave plenty of air space, but dang, it can at times, in warmer weather, really heat up the canister...

but in winter...not so much

so alas, I'm left with pondering going back to the propane/butane mix, because it just becomes such a hassle to deal with butane in cold temps.

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Because propane and butane produce different amounts of heat when they burn, burning only one or the other will give you a different flame than the mixture. Propane burns hotter, so with butane only you will get less heat. Assuming the canister connects properly, it should burn fine, just not as hot. (As @SILHiker says, you may have difficulty getting the fuel out of the canister at low temperatures.)

I would really try to find another source for the canisters, personally. Maybe there's a temporary shortage due to the pandemic?


Hmm, I'm not sure-- REI stopped carrying the stove and it looks like they don't carry any that use that kind of fuel anymore. It sounds like I shouldn't have any issues with three season camping with just the butane canister. I might take my stove into the store to make sure the canister fits into the stove correctly before I buy it. 


looking at photo of the stove on the kovea web site and it's canister, it appears to be exactly like the butane canisters still available, but most popular in the 60's for cigarette lighter refill.

I found them on amazon for a cheaper alternative to refill normal canisters (see my video, lol)





so I went and re-watched the video and in second half of it, you can clearly see that the cans have identical markings,  I think they will work, and 12 cans for $25 is great, imo.

good luck!


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A "shout out" to Gunny for pointing me to these processes