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camp chair for work at table

I camp for weeks at a time and (unfortunately) I have to bring work to do while in the woods.  I have ALPS tables but my various camp chairs seem low and my chin feels like it's just above the table top.  Can you recommend a foldable chair that is high enough to work at a table like it was a desk?

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I'm assuming you're talking about car camping, and not backpacking, because I can't imagine carrying such things backpacking!

I don't know what you need in a chair. Some people can sit for hours on hard plastic and never lean back while others need lounge-chair comfort.

Could you build something workable? Use metal pipe to make an h- or u-shaped base with an upright support on each side, and maybe repurpose the seat from an existing chair? It wouldn't fold, but it could be disassembled? You could build it any height you want. You could also build a folding chair out of pieces of plywood with hinges to hold it together.

When I need to build something I frequently wander the aisles of our local big-box home improvement store, and try to picture how I might fit the various stuff together.

If you decide to build something, do post pictures!

Good luck!




Thanks Dave!  Yes, I am car camping...backpacking days are over but love being out in woods for weeks at a time.

I have great camp chairs but they are just too low to sit at the Alps tables like a desk.  I build a lot of my own furniture so maybe making my own seat is the best option.  I do try to bring lightweight compact furniture but maybe I can make it foldable or just a small stool.



I was just thinking that I have a stool I made for my house and it seems like that will be a good fit.  The table I made is about the same height as my camp table and it's a comfy fit.  I hadn't thought to bring the stool but it'll be worth it and I have room in the car and it will slide under the table when not in use. I'd still like something more portable and weatherproof but this will do until I have time to make something foldable and from cedar or teak.  Thanks for the idea!

table (28" high) & stool (20" high)table (28" high) & stool (20" high)



Would you need to fold it, or just make the legs easily removable?



I would look for a "directors chair" style chair. They don't generally fold as small but the don't tend to sag as much since the seat is supported fully on both sides.  Some similar chairs may even have a solid seat that folds

"Standard" chair height is around 16 or 17 inches. A possible model might be this...

which claims an 18 inch seat height. I have not used one so just pointing it out as an example.


Thanks.  This would still be low but bit better than what I have which is 16" high.  I think they make these camp tables for prepping and cooking and not for sitting at, lol.


Can you find a regular folding chair that works?   I have a lightweight chair that works for me.  It's still a bit low, so I often use a cushion.