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Best campfire secrets

I've been working on perfecting my campfire method for a while now.  Teepee vs. log cabin, different types of starters...I've been trying it all!  I've found that dryer lint as my starter works really well.  And the best part is that it's free!  

What's your secret to the best campfire? 

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Apparently, cotton balls are more reliable than dryer lint.

A common survival legend is that dryer lint is a reliable firestarter. Well, sometimes it is. Maybe. It all depends on what fabrics were in the dryer load, a...

agree with @aggieplanner , I'm loving the 'bellows' tool!  I'm currently using the shaft of an old golf club.

(A&M '78),

that said, the best is when you get ALL the members of your group to go get firewood (DRY DEADFALL!) NO CUTTING! LNT! (except your campfire ring, I know, it's a little incongruous)

If it's raining or has recently rained, use birchbark and/or peel off chunks of loose bark on large oaks, get a longer lasting natural firestarter. Further, try to get twigs that are not laying on the wet ground, which make an AUDIBLE 'snap' when broken.  Your Welcome!

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