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Availability of the Jetboil Stash.

Curious why REI does not have Jetboil Stash for sale. Found page for it but says “No Longer Available”.  

2 Replies

Probably their stock is sold out.  That is what the REI site says for out of stock items.  It's misleading since it implies the item may be discontinued and it sometimes does mean that.

There is both increased demand for camping gear and supply chain issues both due to the pandemic so popular stuff gets sold out goes out of stock fairly often.

The Stash is new this year and I suspect will be popular so I'm sure REI will restock it as soon as they can.


Thanks for reaching out!

@OldGuyot is spot on in their response. We only wanted to add that we are hoping to see a shipment of the Jetboil Stash Cooking system delivered in early May.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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