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Anyone interested in a tent swap? Alps Mountaineeering 3/4 for REI Half Dome 2+

Hello REI community!

I am a BSA parent and our troop has a bunch of Alps mountaineering 3/4 person tents that we would love to swap out for some REI half dome 2 plus tents. Our scouts have a few of the half dome 2 pluses already, and they love them. Having all of the same type of tent would really simplify things for us, and make it possible to mix and match in the event of an unexpected equipment failure. 

We’re in the Cincinnati area, so if you’re interested let me know!

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I can understand that.  When I was with the troop my sons were in, tents were something that was discussed.  Trying to keep them repaired and in good shape could be a chore.  A lot is just even from the amount of use.  A few of us were suggesting two tent types one for car camping and one for backpacking.  I think they only got a few new tents and and those were the lighter backpacking kind.  I don't recall what those were.

Have you checked with other troops in the area?  I assume that Cincinnati is Ohio.  You might even check with troops further out.  There are quite a few troops up here in the Columbus Ohio area.

Also, has your troop looked at doing a "yard sale type of event" or REI garage sale, or similar event to get some cash to purchase new REI tents?  Of course, that might have to be look at as a fund raising event and need additional approvals.