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Anyone have tips and advice for setting up camp in the rain?

We are expecting rain on the first day of upcoming camping trip (but the rest is expected to be nice).  We will be car camping at a state site.  Anyone with any stories of their experience or tips on setting up while it's pouring?

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Pack your vehicle so you may unpack items (tent, rain fly, ground cloth, stakes etc) may be unloaded in the order they are needed. Just like a boat you want to keep as much water on the outside as possible. If you have 3 or 4 people and or youngster's who can help make SURE everyone has a job to do and they know what it is. When expecting rain I use a tarp and the tents footprint. You can setup the tent and put a tarp under it - try to keep water from pooling on the tarp - if it does, it does. You can deal with that after the rain stops. Try to move as little from the car/truck to the tent while it is raining. If you must try to setup a human chain to pass everything into the tent. But most of all rain or shine have fun. You will develop your own system over time. I am 70 years old and I have found tent camping and swimming are two things I still love to do.