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anyone have an REI Alcove Shelter to sell?


Once upon a time I had a REI Alcove shelter along with the optional sides.  I hike a lot in NH, and typically drive up the night before and car camp.  Hike the next day and head home.  The shelter was perfect in case of rainy weather as I could set it up, and then set up the tent under it if needed, avoiding pouring rain through the mesh of the tent.  I could pop the tent entrance into one end and it provided a covered outdoor area as well.  Unfortunately, I think someone stole it out of my garage (odd because I have much more expensive stuff on the same shelf) and now I find REI no longer produces the product.   If anyone out there has one they don't use I would love to buy it!


Ken Williams - <e-mail removed by moderator>

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If you haven’t sold your REI Alcove with windwalls I’d be interested in buying it.  I live in Northern CA and am sure we could work out a way to pick up/ send the alcove.





I’m thinking REI should take notice that it is so desirable.  Maybe bring out an updated version?  “BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!!”

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I agree!  Bad enough mine got stolen out of my garage, but worse I can't replace it!!