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Any thoughts on the durability of the REI Co-op Screen House Shelter?

I have researched this product also on places like LLBean. It seems the products are all made by maybe the same manufacturer so they seem to all have the same problem: they all look good but structurally can’t stand up to very minimal rain and wind. Any thoughts?

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@Irishblackbear Thanks for reaching out!

While I can't speak to the manufacturer of the other screen house styles you are looking at, I have owned an REI Co-op screen house for several years and used it (and the rainfly) from Boston to Alaska. I absolutely love my screen house and highly recommend it. However, there are definitely some important considerations when facing inclement weather.

  1. The screen house itself is designed to provide shade and protection from bugs. It is not waterproof or water resistant. You must purchase the rainfly to protect against rain.
  2. There are also no guy-lines on the screen house itself. There are guy-lines included on the rainfly.
  3. Even with the guy-lines on the rainfly and the shelter staked out, the screen house is not designed to provide protection from extreme inclement weather. If you need something to protect you from heavy rain and/or wind, you'll need to look for something more heavy-duty.

All in all we have been very happy with our screen house and have used it in lots of different conditions. The rainfly it does a decent job of protecting from the rain, however the walls are mesh so even a little breeze will have some rain hitting the screen. One other thing to note: if it is raining you can't have the awing up or the rain will roll down the awing and pool at the seam.

We have a separate canopy-style shelter that we take camping with us to protect us from driving rain. If the wind is really blowing, then these get taken down and put away, as they are not designed to withstand heavy winds.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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