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Advice on a good sleeping bag for someone who is tall

Hi!  I am looking for a sleeping bag for my son.  He gets very frustrated because he is 6' 5" tall, and most bags don't even make it past his shoulders.  Can you recommend a bag for a tall, athletic young man?  He wouldn't want it to be rated for very cold temperatures, and I don't think he would want a mummy bag.  Any advise you have would be appreciated!


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@caoliver thanks for reaching out with help on this one; it can be super frustrating to not find a product that fits. We've pulled together a list of options and will highlight a few for you specifically to consider:

  •  Nemo Forte 20 or Forte 35 - both fit someone up to 6'6 and the spoon-shape design allows for a little extra room
  • Big Agnes Anvil Horn 15 or Anvil Horn 30- these rectangular bags already offer more width than traditional mummy bags, plus they are available in long (up to 6'6) and long wide (same length, plus some additional width) - note that your ground pad is essential with these bags because they do not have insulation on the bottom side of the bag, only over the top (we're happy to recommend ground pads too!)
  • Marmot Trestles Elite Eco 20 - available in X-Wide (up to 7'2), although more of a mummy shape than the previous 2 options

We hope this helps get you started; don't hesitate to reach out with additional questions!

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@caoliver I 100% recommend a down quilt. I switched a couple of years ago and now I have three or four quilts for a multitude of temperatures. 

The primary reason I love my quilts is that it makes turning over so easy, no need to ‘semi’wake up to ensure the down stays on top.

and down on the bottom is a waste because it is compressed it has no loft or warming capability.

That said, I do not recommend a quilt for temperatures in the single digits or lower because it becomes hard to keep cold air from sneaking in on the sides.

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@caoliver I'm 6'2" and have a Nemo Tempo 20 and LOVE it.  I got the long that fits up to 78" and have a good bit of extra room in the foot box. 

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