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No Cook Meal Ideas

I have been camping for almost 50 years.  We have had the pancakes, bacon and eggs breakfasts.  Heated Soups for lunch and Dinty Moore Beef Stew for dinners.  We spend considerable time cooking and cleaning up.  Maybe I am getting lazy, but the idea of not cooking, or limited cooking and cleaning up appeals to me.  This summer I have gone to hardboiled eggs, poached(at home) chicken breast for sandwiches and pasta dishes, hummus, crackers, cheeses, cut veggies and fruit.  Any new ideas out there?

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Recent studies have shown that diets high in ultraprocessed foods have associated health risks, so simple eggs, veggies, and lean protein like you're using now sound great!

One potential problem with simple foods (that I've made for myself in the past) is not having enough salt in my diet when sweating a lot. Remember your electrolytes!

Cold-water-soaked oats with some fruit can be a great way to get morning carbs, I think. (Shelled) sunflower seeds and nuts are tasty and reliable calories that can last a long time. Canned (or otherwise preserved) fish can be another, if you like that. I like tuna and whole-grain mustard and green onions in a pita, but I know 'tis not for everyone. They make canned chicken and turkey, too.

And simple foods don't have to be boring: Any number of herbs and spices can work well with uncooked meals. Search the web, experiment, make mistakes. Have fun!


We always line our dishes with some kind of flat bread like pitas or naan then you only have the main dish to clean up.  If you really don't want to cook then tuna or salmon packets with some taco seasoning in a pita with shredded carrots or beets are great.  Dried sausages will keep for long time, shredded beef jerky with hummus again in a pita.