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Good Boulder Open Space Mountain Parks (OSMP) Map Source for Garmin 66i

I've discovered the standard maps available with the Garmin 66i for trails in Boulder, CO's Open Space Mountain Parks (OSMP) are incomplete. Trails that have been in place for decades don't exist in the maps.  This makes advanced route planning pretty much useless.

Does anyone have any recommendations for either updated maps, or online resources I can use, that have better detail for route planning? I've looked at the purchasable maps from Garmin, but if they don't have any more accurate information than what is there now then it'd be a waste of about $100. If they are accurate then I'd be willing to buy the one for the Colorado region. Also would be fine with an online resource, either free or pay, that would allow me to plan a route and download it to my Garmin.

Thanks in advance!

Paul Alter

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If your model has just the base map (no map), you have to purchase the download or chip from Garmin for the “detail” Some models come preloaded. Gaia is great for maps/charts you name it. You could plan your route and lon and lats for waypoints then create a route in the Garmin and load them in. The Garmin will only run Garmin mapping software. That’s the way it is with Garmin. I have several, I recently upgraded my Garmin GPS/Sonar. It was preloaded with all the navigation costal charts but dosen’t have any rivers and lakes. So I had to drop an other $125 for the River/Lakes chip so it covered everywhere we travel.  Bummer. I mainly use my iPad loaded with Gaia and a Garmin GLO II bluetoothed for the gps. I still carry my Garmin 76cs handheld loaded with topo for land or blue charts for water for back up. ActiveCaptain is Garmins mapping program for planning/storing data.

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