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Seeking older hikers and cyclists in Boston - where are you?!

Hey all,

where are the folks who want to hike and bike and backpack in their 70s?  I'm not finding them on MeetUps or REI trips or AMC trips.  Suggestions?


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@Peaches70 Hi Peaches70 - I aspire to be still seeking out adventure when I am 70 --you rock!  I'm sorry that you are having trouble finding your people. How about Facebook Groups?  Have you thought about starting your own Meet-up group? You may just be the adventurer leader folks like yourself are looking for. I know it's tough now due to COVID-19. 

Maybe REI could help with this?  Once things get rolling again, it would be nice to see some of the REI outings for the 55 / 65+ crew.  I just made a post to a hiking group I am part of. I'll let you know if I hear of anything!

Be well,




@pensamientos Thanks! I can also ping REI next time I am there. Let me know what you hear please. 


@Peaches70 Hi Peaches70 - I heard back from three folks. One person told me that the AMC has a Boston 40+ committee group that has a core group of folks actually in their 60's and some into their 70's.   I know you had said you tried the A.M.C. already, so not too sure this will be helpful

Another person said that she has hiked with the Rhode Island AMC Chapter and they frequently visited the Blue Hills (she found them on Meetup) and generally there was a 60+ crowd. On an overnight she went on it was mainly 65+. I know it is Rhode Island, however, if you will be leaving Boston anyway to hike, maybe checking this group could be an option for you?

Lastly,  another woman from JP Hikers (on Facebook) mentioned she is turning 65 this year, she hasn't been out this season yet due to rotator cuff surgery. She said she would look forward to joining up with a group in the future for local hikes. Sometimes folks are just looking for someone to plan a trip / lead.

I wish you well!  Happy trekking!






I would like to join with you:)