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2020 BOSTON: Yesterday: The Race that wasn't.........September 14th: We Hope...........

 2020 BOSTON MARATHON: Thoughts From a 40 Year Veteran
By: Coach Mark Buciak, QCC
Yesterday was MondayApril 20th is Patriot's Day in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
It is the celebration of "The Shot That Was Heard Around The World!"......
The start of an eight year War for our Independence.
For the last 123 years the Boston Athletic Association has hosted and organized the Boston Marathon.
This is oldest annual contested footrace in the world.
It was once called America's Marathon in part because it was one of the few or only Marathons in the United States.
A lot has changed in the last 123 years: From 11 runners to 30,000 runners and from leather dress shoes to high tech/light weight running shoes.
For the first 10 years the official lead vehicle was a bike because cars were not invented yet!
The course has remained entirely the same except for minor changes in the start and finish lines.
Of course, the roads are no longer dirt, they are paved in the 1940's.
Could you imagine running 26.2 miles through mud on a rainy day!
This Patriot's Day in the Commonwealth, there will be one major unthinkable change: 
There will be no Boston Marathon.
I had the privilege and honor of running the last 40 consecutive Boston Marathons.
Yesterday was one of the strangest days of my life because my toes were not on starting line in Hopkinton.
Yesterday I ran 6.5 miles in Chicago and started my run at 10:20am (ET). 
This was the starting time of the 2nd wave.
I rewarded myself with a care package from the world famous Bova Bakery in Boston's North End.
You too can order your goodies from Bova at:  BOVABAKERYBOSTON.NET.
I am looking forward to returning to Boston on Monday, September 14th to run my 41st Boston Marathon.
Hope everyone  had a good Patriot's Day!
Keep running with safe social distance.
Coach Mark 
Program Director, THE ROAD TO BOSTON Training Program
Vice-President, Boston Quarter Century Club
State of Illinois Record Holder: 40  Consecutive Boston Marathons
PB: 2:30:25, Boston 1983
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@Former community member thanks for sharing these thoughts on the Boston marathon! You might check out this post from another fellow Bostonian; sounds like you both were having similar thoughts yesterday and today.

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