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Re: Tour Divide Inspiration- set ups

After being an obessive dot watcher on this tour I think that I need to do this, or even start bikepacking.  As a roadie I am into these drop bars.  I am really into these rigs and curious if you have one how it's set up or any pictures.  I have been through this about 10 times.



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@bananaface I get the inspiration!  I just purchased a bikepacking bike this spring and I am slowly getting the bags for it.  I have the seat bag, and a couple of feedbags.  I am just agonizing over what to chose for a frame bag.  There are so many cool options out there!  I am going to ride the Colorado Trail in summer of 2021 so I have some time.  The bike is so much fun to ride.  I take it on the road, gravel, and singletrack.  I know there are a couple of other bikapackers on here maybe they will chime in.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

What kind of bike did you get?  I used to live in Colorado and now that I am in New Orleans all I want to do it ride up and down mountains that we don't' have here.  I like the idea of the Salsa cuthroat but when I do the Colorado Trail in a couple years I think I need to get a more mountain bike, bike than a gravel touring type bike.  Relevate designs makes some great packs

Bedrock is a colorado company if you prefer to support Colorado businesses



I ended up getting the Cutthroat. For me, it made the most sense in relation to the other bikes I already have. I am in the same boat with what bike to use on the colorado trail. There are advantages to the Cutthroat (the detours around the wilderness areas) and advantages to a full-on mountain bike (the techy singletrack areas). You just need to decide on what advantages mean the most to you. I have checked out so many bag options that I feel like I have too many good options.


Ride safe out there!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I am anxiously prepping to eventually do the Tour Divide. (Working on carrying over sufficient vacation days and $aving up for a gravel bike.)

In the spirit of being self-supported, I will be designing/making my own frame bag. Fortunately I have access to a sewing machine and my wife who knows how to use it will be a team-effort. We looked at several bags in REI. She saw the frame bags and said, yeah, that should be simple enough, but when she reviewed the seat bag, she said - better just buy this one. We made 3 bags (top tube, frame, and gerry-can) for when I did the Colorado Trail Race in 2018 for my full suspension bike that worked great and saved $$$. Looking forward to doing it again for Tour Divide setup.


I like Blackburn bags. Have several, all well designed, and almost waterproof, unlike

my Revelate bag.