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recently discovered bikepacking and looking for people to ride with

Hello Everyone,

While I am not new to REI, some things have changed over the course of time that require a personal change of how I continue with activities.

First off, I am now 71 and continue to partake in activities that I once performed solo.  However, while my health continues to be optimal, my family, mostly my loving wife prefer that i continue those acitivities with the company of others that share the same interests.  Recently I have discovered bike packing and I am about to indulge into the sport.

What I am looking for are a group or individuals that I can meet up with to share the experience and have help available should anything of an emergency or gear failure occur.  

I am a semi retired Nurse Anesthesiologist who enjoys backpacking, hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing, cycling and mountain biking. I continue to maintain my fitness from my youth and have been perfoming fitness routines for over 50 years now .   I am very interested in meeting others with similar interests in South west Florida or elsewhere to share the experience of the outdoors.  My loved ones prefer that I not embark on those acitivites alone anymore.

Any interested REI members (younger, older or similar age) are welcome to contact me to discuss interests in meeting up and shareing outdoor adventures in like company.

Thanks to all,

Anmar50, @ links to members, content

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Bikepacking is such an amazing way to get outside! I took my first bikepacking trip about four years ago and have been hooked ever since. I'm looking forward to some shorter trips this fall. In terms of advice for finding folks who are interested and willing to accompany you on a ride, I have found that getting the framework for a trip (location, rough timeline, etc) lined out in advance helps draw in people who are more committed and willing to participate. As an example, my first bikepacking trip I asked a group of folks I know 'who wants to go bikepacking this summer?'. 15 people were interested but when the time came to go there was only one person who made it. The next summer I asked, 'who wants to bikepack Resurrection Pass for three days in July with me?'. I had 8 people interested and all 8 made the trip. It also helps if you have people you know who are cyclists, often times folks are more willing to participate in an activity that they are somewhat familiar with.

Hopefully you are able to build some connections and gain some knowledge here in the community, we have lots of bikepackers with varying levels of expertise!

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