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Looking for feedback on Handlebar packs

Hi everyone, I’d love your feedback and experience with any of the following items:

I’ m eyeing the Ortlieb 15L handlebar pack, the Link handlebar roll, and a Portland design works gear belly, which looks beautifully engineered and like a beefier link handlebar roll. They all look great and I’d love to hear from anyone using any of them.  I’d use it on my co-op cycles adv 1.1 or drt 4.1 fat tire bike.  Thanks in advance!


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thanks for the info on the CHROME.  thats a great picture, mind if i ask where it is and where was your 186 bikepacking journey?



Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

Thanks I did the c&o towpath from Cumberland to DC in beginning of April. The picture specifically is the paw paw tunnel.



I wanted to circle back with you about this topic as I finally got out on the trail yesterday to test out my full-on bikepacking kit, including the REI Co-op Link Handlebar Roll. All in all, I was pretty pleased with the entire set up, including the handlebar roll. The Link Handlebar Roll fit on my bars with the included spacers and the load was nice and snug and didn't bounce around, in spite of some really rocky sections of the trail. I hardly noticed it at all, which was great!

On thing of note was the strap that goes around the head tube was almost too short. It took some configuring on my part. The issue is that I have put on a longer stem to get a better fit for me and that made it hard for that strap to reach. If you haven't changed the stem on your Co-op Cycles DRT 4.1 then you should be just fine. For this recon trip I packed my sleeping bag, tent, sleeping pad, toolkit, water, stove, lunch, and some extra layers. For a 'real' trip where I would be camping overnight, I'll likely need to add a change of clothes, more food, and a water filter. I still had room in my handlebar roll, seat pack, frame bag, and one of the fork bags to accomodate these other items. The bike was heavy, but it's a tank anyway so it rode just fine. I really appreciated the extra float and bounce from those big tires on some of the sandy and rocky sections!

Have you gotten a handlebar pack yet? Have you made any plans for your first bikepacking trip?

One thing I have noticed about riding the DRT 4.1 is that I need to work an extra 20 minutes into every ride to talk to folks in the parking lot about the bike. Everyone is curious!

I added the orange straps to attach my jacket.I added the orange straps to attach my jacket.Another view of the Link Handlebar Roll.Another view of the Link Handlebar Roll.The whole kit.The whole kit.

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