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Bikepacking in Maine and Vermont in July 2020

Hi! I'd like to cycle through Maine and Vermont in July 2020. Mainly camping out. Does anybody have guides for planning? Recommendations? Any sense of whether this will be doable amid a pandemic? Thanks!

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@jfpaley Thanks for reaching out, sounds like an awesome trip!

Are you looking for more road biking or singletrack/trail riding? A great resource for singletrack/trail routes is the website. You can check out their New England routes here. We also have a few folks in the community who are in or around the New England area: 

@TomIrvine@Wanderer@whit@lls5316@VermontVoyageur@jillinvermont@taskmaster@REI-MaxG, any thoughts or advice to add?

Hopefully this helps get you started!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@REI-JohnJ Thank you. I think I'm looking for road biking. Really appreciate that you tagged others on this site who might have ideas. Thanks!

@jfpaley You're welcome!

I'm sorry it took me a bit of time but I managed to track down a couple of other resources for you. It looks like it is from 2015-16 so it might be a little outdated, but here is a Vermont State Bike Map that can probably give you some good info. Outside Magazine also wrote an article about Vermont's Best Fall Foliage Rides. You could also link up parts of the East Coast Greenway in Maine with rides in New Hampshire and Vermont. This Washington Post article, Take a Grand Tour of New England - by bike, can also give you some really good ideas about routes through each of those states.

Also, a fellow employee of mine did a loop through Vermont (Burlington - Smuggler's Notch - Stowe - Ben & Jerry's - back to Burlington) and she said it was the best tour she has ever done! 

All that said, it looks like you're in for an outstanding adventure! Be sure to come back here and tell us about it!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Awesome! Thank you so much for these great resources!


@jfpaley If you will be on roads, Adventure Cycling is the go-to for all the best routing advice (and maps).

As for problems with the pandemic? Who knows. At least you'll be able to get food. It's hard to say if campgrounds will be open, but if you are resourceful, you might find plenty of nice spots to just camp near the road.

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@TomIrvine Yes - I contacted Adventure Cycling. Great idea. 

And it is very hard to predict the pandemic!


@jfpaley  @REI-JohnJ  @TomIrvine  I'm only familiar with a route that takes you from Limington, ME through Standish, ME into NH. It's near Limington's Runway Diner.. about 40 minutes from the Portland Jetport. In Vermont, I'm only familiar with the west river trail - north end has more routes than south end and goes towards Wardsboro/Stratton Mountain area. Enjoy and keep us posted on the routes you find! 

Sounds like fun! Thanks for this info.