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Bikepacking in a group.

Wife & I looking to bikepack in a group of biking lovers who love to bike off road on Rails/trails for a weekend.

We frequently bike as a couple, However, Sharing ideas & riding in a group would change the flavor of the sport for us.


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Howdy, is a wonderful resource to discover bikepacking groups across the country.

I used this for backpacking, camping, and canoe group searches.

good luck!


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@Surlyman is there a specific geographic area where you and your wife like to bikepack? Might help if we add a location to the title of the post!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Lol, That would help 😄

We're from the Cifton, NJ area. We usually bike on Rails trails in NY, NJ & Pennsylvania. 

We've watched bikepacking/Touring videos with groups of 5 & more. It looks like lots of fun to interact with other bike packers. 

I just got back from the c&o  Cumberland to D.C . . I plan on doing the other half in 4 or 5 days, Soon before the summer heat. what kind of miles ya both put down in one day?

I did the c&o in 3 days 55, 61, 70. and that was a little much for me I’d like to take my time on the northern half and enjoy myself a bit. LMK!




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