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Unused propane canisters

I have a dozen unused gas canisters in my basement.  My father was an avid camper and boy scout leader and REI member from the 1970s in Berkeley.  He loved camping stoves & backpacking stoves.

I want to dispose of these propane canisters.  I live in San Francisco, and the ever present threat of earthquakes makes it unsafe to have the canisters in the basement.  My father died last year, and the propane canisters have no sentimental value, and it's time to let them go.

I've done internet searches, and I can't find a disposal site for these camping stove canisters in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Does REI have any suggestions?

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Hi @GasCanistersGalore - Thanks for reaching out and for putting in the effort to properly dispose of these gas canisters!

We've had a couple of conversations here in the community about this topic. The threads How can I recycle Coleman used propane canisters? and What to do with used 1lb propane cylinders? contain some good information that might be helpful to you. It is worth noting that those posts contain instructions for how to dispose of empty canisters. If you do not know of anyone who would want to use the canisters for their original purpose (after confirming they are in safe, working condition), you will need to make a plan to use all of the gas in those before getting rid of them. 

Hopefully this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

How old are these canisters? Do you have any idea whether or not they have ever been used?

I recommend calling the fire department non-emergency number and asking if they would take them off your hands. They have the expertise to remove them and dispose of them safely, but I don't know whether or not they would be willing.

If they aren't especially old, I would call a college with an outdoor program and ask if they would want them.

For that matter, are you sure there's fuel in them? It's not impossible that all the fuel has escaped over the years.