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Trail Maps



Pre-Covid,  my local store had trail maps of the East Bay parks and recreation areas.  Where can I find these trail maps now?


Thank you.

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@TraceyRenee Not sure if it helps, but I use the Gaia GPS app and website.  I have the app on my phone and can download maps in case there's no service (it also has a layer to show cellular coverage).  I can also bring high detail maps if I need / want a hard copy. 

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@BikeEastBay@REI-JamesK@REI-DaveM@REI-HaleyC@REI-CourtneyR curious if anyone knows where @TraceyRenee can find these maps in your area? 

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Hi @TraceyRenee !

1.  Where exactly is East Bay?  Is that in Maine?

2. I recommend you give your local store a call and ask them..They might be open and/or have curbside service.

3. I also second what @nathanu said about Gaia.  Also the REI app show local trails.

Good luck!

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ok, I see now, California, Bay Area

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@TraceyReneeWe have the hook up for you at the REI Berkeley store! We have the park issued maps for free in our store. Come on by, we don't currently have every section right now but we do have plenty of options!

See you soon!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@REI-DaveM The information you provided is perfect. Thank you, Dave!  I have missed my regular walkthroughs at REI.   I love your store. See you soon!

Thanks, again