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Zpack Duplex vs. Nemo Kunai

So I'm normally a freestanding type, but I was considering changing it up with the Duplex. I usually travel solo but often meet people during my travels who joins in on my adventures abroad (from the Swiss Alps to the Utah / AZ deserts, to the Thai jungles, etc.). I know the weather proofing on this thing is insane, and weight (even with the carbon poles as I don't use trekking poles) are nothing to laugh at. 


My other upgrade option was grabbing a Nemo Kunai (mainly for that winter versatility in case I head up to colder regions such as Iceland). Aside from using the Nemo Dragonfly once (which was great for solo travel), I have never actually used the Kunai. I'm afraid that the focus is on colder weather and I will melt during the summer, though I did notice a fair amount of people claimed to not have an issue during warmer weather. Any thoughts?

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I don't know about the nemo, but I've used the duplex for about 5yrs now (I'm on my second one), can't beat the light weight, huge floor space and giant vestibules.

When I did the laugavegur in Iceland, I took my freestanding quarterdome 2 because there was a possibility of a snow pitch (early july) but the ground was exposed and I could of used the duplex.

I guess as you are aware, the campgrounds of Europe would be great for either, but I would defer to the lighter weight.

Very jealous of your travels, please post some pics!


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Thanks for the reply! I'm rather jealous of your former trips and hope to have a few of my own pretty soon. Great to here that that the Duplex held up in Iceland! 


I replied on your other thread.

Those two tents are more or less on the opposite ends of the spectrum.  Neither tent would be on my list for general travel since both are quite specialized...winter camping vs long distance hiking.

But I don't have a good sense of what you are actually planning to use this tent for. Tents are available to buy else where so if you don't know either you might wait until you actually have a plan where you need one an get something suitable. Might even be able to rent it for the time you need it.

Thanks for the multiple replies. My style of travel would not fall under general travel, but more long-distance hiking. I will be relying on the shelter for 1/3 of the time over the next year. I will be backpacking from nation to nation (more or less at random) again. Having portable shelter is crucial. I'm more so wondering if the Duplex would be better suited for this type of travel style, or if the Kunai would offer more versatility (offering less limitations on where I might travel). I know that the Kunai is geared for Winter, but I wonder if it would be well enough vented for summer use, too. 


@NomadsJournal Are you looking for a comparison between the 2?  As in, you are going to get one of them, just not sure which one?  I think some additional information would be helpful...what do you prioritize?  Do you value weight savings of the duplex and are willing to sacrifice the more simplisitc features- or lack there of- the duplex has to offer?  Or would you value a more durable tent at 3-4X the weight of the duplex?

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Hey there. I'll be backpacking across the globe again, relying on my tent shelter 1/3 of the time. My travels might take me anywhere and everywhere (from Iceland to the Utah deserts, to the jungles of Thailand), so versatility is priority. I'm pretty familiar with both tents in terms of comparison. I'm more so seeking advice on which would be more practical for this style of trip. I'm running an Osprey Aether 85 (to house my camera, drone, and laptop, windburner, and whichever tent that I go with). The Aether already adds a couple of Kg from the start, so weight is always nice to shed. With that, durability would take priority since I'd hate to end up in a situation where the shelter didn't hold up. I considered compromising with the Dragonfly 2p, but I'd be sacrificing the winter-esc capabilities. 


I really like Nemo Dragonfly when we consider solo traveling, but when we are talking about family traveling I have different things to think about: The tent should correspond to the number of family members or be one place more, have 2 layers, one top from rainfall and sun and internal for comfort, protecting against condensation. The bottom of the tent should be with a polymer coating from getting wet. There must be ventilation from above, preferably side pockets or a window, a mosquito net on the door, and a vestibule. Usually, I use Osprey Aether 65 for hiking and camping, and carry all my staff (binoculars, DJI drone, some cameras) - can recommend it.