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Winter backpacking in MI

Hello! I am planning my first winter backpacking trip in the heart of winter in MI Manistee River loop I'm thinking Dec - Feb. Any advice on gear or just advice in general would be very appreciated. 

3 Replies

Suggest a collapsible wood stove Pomoly makes very good ones easy to back pack and light, I use a  tee pee style tent with a stove outlet. I pitch my tent in areas surrounded by pine trees when possible great wind break. Also suggest decent sleeping pad staying off the ground is key. Look into a light weight collapsible shovel, snow shoes as well. I love winter camping, hiking, snow shoeing.  The solitude, quiet , putting the first foot prints on fallen snow is the best. If you have no experience winter camping I’d advice you to do it prior to backpacking winter camping, it’s not for everyone. 




A good sleeping pad is sooo important. Highly suggest something rated atleast at a R value of 5. The frozen grounds in MI will suck all the heat right out of you. 


I also have a teepee tent with a small wood stove.  On a November hunt with just 6" of snow, everyone piled into my tent for breakfast.  One friend had tried out a tarp tent for ultralight backpacking, and found out that the wind swirled all of the snow onto him.  When you're cold and wet, there is nothing better than a wood stove in a tent to warm you up.  My tent is a Kifaru and the entire outfit weighs 11 lbs.  You end up carrying more weight in the winter, but you need it.