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Where do you put your boots at night?

Since I've been backpacking in the forests of southern Ohio, I've been waking up to some tiny beast trying to live in my boots. I don't mind giving them a shake in the morning but then I worry if I did a good enough job as I'm continuing my hike the next day. 

I was told to leave my boots outside of the tent at night so I'm not bringing anything in that may want to eat me, so I treated them with Sawyer repellent and now I park them in the vestibule but that only does so much to keep spiders out. 

Anyone have any tips on what to do with your boots while you get some sleep in your tent at night?



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I put mine in the vestibule to prevent rocks and mud from inside tent tent


My boots go anywhere but back on my feet....

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I spent a few months sleeping in my hammock in the Hawaiian jungle, a wet and hot climate abound with creepy crawlies. I found tying the laces together and hanging them over the strap of my hammock beneath my tarp let them air out better than anywhere else I could put them and kept bugs like centipedes and fire ants out of them. That being said I was still soaking my socks in vinegar and covering my feet and boots with baby powder.


Boots in or out?  Dropped into old flannel pillowcase will let your boots breath and keep everything out. Just keep tied till morning.