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What would you recommend for a beginners backpacking bundle?

Hello! I will brand new to backpacking this year after years of doing day hikes and I am looking at purchasing your Passenger 2 backpacking bundle. Is this is a good beginner bundle? Are there any other bundles that might be better? 



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Hello @lhoelscher!

Thanks for reaching out to the Community! 

I honestly cannot say enough good things about the Backpacking Bundle that we offer. I have been using the Passage 2 exclusively for camping for some time now. It is a great tent!  In fact all of the individual pieces of this kit are wonderful on their own, but getting them altogether and saving the extra money makes it all the more appealing!

I would recommend this to anyone just starting out! As you potentially evolve in this activity, you may find yourself looking to make adjustments for various reasons. However, I do not think you will be disappointed with these products at all!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thank you so much for the feedback, this is comforting and I think I'll take the plunge! I'm nervous because that means now I actually have to go backpacking....haha!! It will be a new adventure! 




Please don’t hesitate to follow up with us here!  We would love to get feedback on your experience and love to see pictures from our users!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi @lhoelscher,

Yay! Welcome to the world of backpacking - you'll love it!

I wanted to reply to your post just to connect you with another recent post about backpacking for beginners, and I think that the information in the responses will help you out a lot. I've written a response to that post as well which includes a list of items I consider to be essential while backpacking.

Have fun on the trails!

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Thank you SO much! That was very thoughtful and I need all of the info that I can get my hands on! I am very excited and a little nervous! 

Thank you again and take care!