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Re: What was your first backpacking experience like?

My first backpacking trip was around 7 Lakes Basin in Olympic National Park. I was thoroughly overpacked and undertrained for it, but still had a blast! The views are, to this day, the best I've ever experienced on a trail.

I was so afraid to dig a hole and squat for my.. needs.. that I held it in for HOURS while practically sprinting towards the next camp area. I was miserable during those hours, but still an incredible trip!

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My little brother and I drove out to Big Bend National Park.

We didn't know that the heck we were doing. 

Loaded up some camping stuff into very old, 1960's ish, boy scout frame packs, wandered off a few miles down the trail.

Canned chili and beef stew, single walled nylon pup tent, blankets. Campfire.

It was glorious!

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"We didn't know what the heck we were doing" is pretty common from what I've seen and heard. Hopefully you've upgraded your pack since then, hah!