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What “Treasure” have you found during a backpacking adventure?

Treasure at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

What seems like a lifetime ago, one year during early May, my backpacking buddy and I descended into the Grand Canyon, on the Grandview Point Trail, for a weeklong hike, zig zagging our way through multiple smaller canyons, so we could camp at river’s edge each night, with Hermit Trail being our exit point.

Whereas the air temperature at canyon’s 7400’ elevation rim was in the low 60’s range, as we descended Grandview Point Trail, the air temperature rose to the low 90’s by the time we reached the Colorado River.

Our objective was to hike early in the day to avoid any heat related health issues, seek shade and establish camp by midday, as the canyon walls soon started to radiate the heat throughout the bottom of the canyon.

One of those days, while hiking the Tonto Trail to our Hance Rapids destination campsite along the Colorado River, just past the start of the rapids, a flash of light from river’s edge caught my eye.

I stopped and paused to see if the flash of light reoccurred…and it did.

Walking toward the flash, what appeared, was a shiny metallic beverage container along the riverbank, bobbing up and down, caught by the rocks, from the passing fast current.

What I discovered at the riverbank, during the heat of the day, carrying on our backs, 35 lbs of the bare essentials for our weeklong journey, was the last thing I ever expected to find on our journey.

A cold and unopened can of beer!

My camping buddy and I looked at each other in disbelief of our discovery.

The valued adult beverage must have fallen overboard from passing river rafters.

Later that day, prior to supper, we cracked open the beer and shared its contents, as if given a reward for reaching this point in our journey, through the glorious Grand Canyon along the Colorado River.

Since I made the beer discovery, my backpacking buddy agreed to pack out the empty container.


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I made a similar discovery on a north facing each on San Miguel Island, Channel islands National Park,  small cooler washed up on the sand, with toothsome morsels within - good chow!

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