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What toothpaste do you use on the trail?

Wondering what this community has found to be the best toothpaste in the back country? What are your tips for leave no trace in this area?

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I really like Frau Fowler tooth & gum powder. You can find it at Whole Foods (and probably Natural Grocers, Sprouts, etc.) and it last me at least 6 just need a small sprinkle on a wet toothbrush.

Then I use those tiny nalgene bottles from the travel section to store it. Super lightweight! 

I love that the original container is in a recyclable container rather than trying to track down a terracycle center/box that takes toothpaste tubes. 


That sounds interesting. But although I knew about most of the things in this thread, truth be told, I still use a travel-size tube of Crest and a sawed-off toothbrush.


It turns out that bears are attracted to the mint flavoring in toothpaste. While that might not bother you during your camping experience, it may cause a problem in the future for others. Using a paste without mint is better for wildlife and for others. It might even improve your safety, particularly if you're staying in one spot for a longer period of time.


Late to the party but I fall squarely in the "no toothpaste" camp. Water to wet the toothbrush

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My concern about using and spitting name brand toothpaste in the wilderness, or anyplace outside for that matter, is the chemical makeup of toothpaste.  Anything we put out there ends up in groundwater and there are lots of chemicals in toothpaste we don't want, but are now being found in groundwater.  EDTA is found in some toothpaste and EDTA leaches metals out of clays and other minerals as it percolates through the ground.  It is also found in soap and other self-care products.  Just food for thought.  Be careful about what you put on/in the ground.  Also, have you ever used a campsite where you can see the toothpaste others spit on the bushes?  I have.  It's disgusting to have around.

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Travel sized scope blast mouth wash.   3 squirts and brush. Tooth paste is racoon attractant