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What is your backpacking cook setup and what do you "cook" with it apart from Mountain House etc.?

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Yeah, but bacon should come with a warning for campers. The only close bear encounter I've ever had involves a plate of bacon grease I was saving to fry hash brown potatoes the next morning... but I'm sure you'll be fine... more or less....


Those small pasta packets sold my Knorr or Lipton. They're around $1 on sale and make for a decent meal. I like the cheddar broccoli. Just boil water and add a bit of powered milk and it's a 10 minute meal.


You know you are a prepper if you buy your dog emergency rations. You know you are a survivalist if you consider your DOG emergency rations.

MSR whisperlite. Indestructible, field serviceable, and works at any temperature. I have a copy of the NOLS cookery which has some fantastic recipes.  My favorite being gato-gato.  Great topping of pasta, vegetables, or just by itself

NOLS cookery - a classic!
aka "Boonerelli"

I just started using the Sea to Summit X-Kettle with two X-mugs. Its light and very compact. I also us Peak Refuel meals. They are great. There is also Backpackers Pantry. I like them both, Peak has more protein for less water. 


Just a step beyond boiling water .  I 'Cook"  mac and cheese with jerky, either turkeyy or beef. Simple, nutritious, and fairly light weight.  For breakfast, usually oatmeal, raisins, nuts and whatever, and hit the trail - don't forget that all important cup of coffee!


I've got my handy dandy BRS 3000 with a canister. My pot is the GSI Halulite 1.1 aluminum pot.

My favorite piece, though, is homemade. My wife and I ordered some fresh groceries and the meat came in a large insulated bubble wrap-type bag with a reflective coating on the outside. So I cut that into a smaller size pouch, reversed it so that the reflective material is now on the inside, and I use it to let my food sit for a few minutes after I add the boiling water. It retains heat beautifully and weighs under 1 oz.

What do I cook? Besides coffee, obviously LOL. I love Ramen but the sodium levels in the packaged stuff is just too high for me so I made my own instant broth and I dehydrate veggies. I do use the instant noodles, though. Still trying to work out how to best dehydrate fresh cooked ramen noodles.

Quinoa (instant) with packaged salmon is a favorite. I have a potlatch seasoning blend that's amazing.

One of the health issues I've overcome but still need to ay attention to is high blood pressure, so in addition to watching calories, I have to pay really close attention to sodium levels. That means I stay away from Mountain House and most of those pre-made backpacker meals.

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