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What is the difference between the two REI Arete ASL tents listed on

There are currently 2 Arete ASL tents on the REI website.  Is one the older model and one the newer?  I notice that there are 2 different weights.  Can you steer me toward the newer model and whether the construction is hardier?  I read about a few problems with the older model. TIA

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@Tobi Thanks for reaching out!

The main difference between the two models of REI Co-op Arete is that the newer model (Item #178007) does not use flame retardent chemicals on the fabric. Were there specific issues you were concerned about? I used an Arete tent for several years and found it to be one of the most bomb-proof tents I have ever used, especially for the weight!

Speaking of which, the difference between the 'packaged weight' and 'minimum trail weight' is that the 'packaged weight' is the weight as the tent comes packaged on the shelf. That includes all the bags and packaging. The 'minimum trail weight' is the weight of the tent body, fly, and necessary stakes and guylines.

Hopefully this helps!

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