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What do you use to apply patches to your nylon pack?

Hello -

I have several National Parks patches to apply to my nylon pack. I tried sewing one, but with the thickness of the patch and the bag, it didn't work. Has anyone successfully used an adhesive to apply patches? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!



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Why add to the weight and bulk?  Unless they are good emergency firestarters or something similar, why junk up a perfectly good pack?  I am a solid NP fan (America's best idea) but this is just a bit too much.  Put them on your dress shirt instead....

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I totally agree with hikermor, why mess up a perfectly good backpack. However, I also love to collect patches. I have NP patches and other types of patches from around the world.

I have a special blanket that I attach them to and it is always in my car. When I go car or base camping, that is when it is on display. Makes a great conversation starter in a base camp setting. I never carry it when I’m backpacking.